Banging the keys

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Jay Maynard
Title: Banging the keys
Gear used: E-10, tripod
Diaphragm: f/2.4
Shutter speed: 1/1.6 second
Film used: Internal CCD, ISO 80 setting
Technical information: I used the built-in flash in second curtain mode to supply a tiny bit of action stopping at the end of the player's stroke. The picture was taken after dark, and the exposure is nearly correct without the flash.
Subject information: I've been trying to get this effect for the past year. My goal was to show the passion and action of Frank DellaPenna's playing, and I think this picture finally did it. If you ever get the chance to see Cast in Bronze live, by all means do so. (And if you check out their site, the picture on the performance schedule page is mine!)

The carrillon is played with fists and feet, and the player strikes the keys very firmly...hence the title.


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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Nice work on the motion on the hands of the player. That E-10 is one lovely camera, and you used it very well here!

Comment left by: Mickey Trageser (no e-mail specified) Nice use of the second curtain feature. I like your Cast in Bronze website picture for the lines and placement of the player among the bells.

Comment left by: Wiliam Wagenaar (wiliam@zeelandnet.nl) I like the way the photo looks with the hands partially blurred and partially frozen.

Comment left by: Jay Maynard (jmaynard@conmicro.cx) Thanks, William...that's exactly what I was trying to achieve. Earlier attempts in the daytime just didn't get the effect I was looking for.

This was one of three usable pictures, out of about 90 attempts using this technique, so allow for plenty of experimentation if you're going to try something like it yourself.

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